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You can open your SMSF or Fixed Term Deposits with us. Email us at to know more.

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Term Loans Details

Term Loans

We cater to the Medium-Long Term needs of corporations by matching them to our ability to provide bilateral term loans. We arrange bilateral in-line with our International Banking Group at the Corporate Centre in Mumbai.

Corporations usually take term loans from us for the following reasons:

  • Importing high value assets; i.e. purchasing plant or machinery.
  • Seeking lower-Cost Foreign Currency for new projects and expansion.
  • Working Capital Augmentation.
  • Setting the Parameters of the Term Loans to what the client feels is right for them; including  Tenor, Repayment, Pricing, Package, etc.
  • Extending financial assistance to Greenfield projects on a bilateral basis, as well as in Syndication with other banks, right from the conceptualisation stage to the execution stage of the project.